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“Where do Highly Successful Business Owners Come Together to Double Their Profits and Personal Freedom?”

Imagine Yourself Surrounded By Other Big Hearted Change Makers,Committed to Your Growth And Business Success….

Running a 7, 8 and even 9 Figure Business Can Be Lonely and Challenging…

There is something that sets big business apart from all others. And that is… A Board of Advisors

The purpose of a board of advisors is to give and receive the best advice, share ideas, improve and shorten decision processes, discover new paths to growth and business efficiencies, and work together through challenges, towards faster growth and higher profits.

Welcome to the Ultimate Boardroom

The Ultimate Boardroom is designed to bring this model and its benefits to the 7 – 9 figure business arena as a place where highly successful, big-hearted business owners and CEOs come together in a safe, confidential yet exciting environment to act as each other’s board of advisors.

In our quarterly meetings we mastermind, share our best strategies with each other, offer advice on what is working and not working, help solve monumental challenges in each other’s businesses, forge strategic partnerships and joint ventures.

Imagine yourself surrounded by other highly successful entrepreneurs, CEOs, and thought leaders who have a spirit of contribution, give first and thrive in a collaborative environment where nothing is being held back…

The 4 Pillars of Growth

The biggest value the UB brings to its members is
the power of “The 4 Pillars of Growth”


The WHY:

"Clarity - Why do you do what you do"?

To get the most out of life and your business, you need to have a CLEAR vision of what you want and how your business should serve you (instead of you serving your business)

  • 10x growth, or 2X profits, or 10x freedom….
  • You decide!
  • At the UB meetings you develop that clarity.


The WHO:

“The Caliber of the People in The Room”

When everyone in the room is willing to pull back the curtains on their business you get an unfair advantage!

  • Problems are being solved
  • Connections are made
  • Lifelong friendships are being created.
  • Joint ventures and strategic alliances can spark massive growth and momentum.



"The Growth Strategies (This is the fun part)"

UB members operate in different markets and industries, sharing what’s working now:

  • Marketing and Lead Gen. Strategies (online and offline)
  • Sales Strategies (make more money)
  • Financial and Legal Strategies (keep more money)
  • Tips and tricks to get a leg up on your competition


The HOW:

"The Tools, Processes, and Systems"

The extended network, and expertise, of our elite group gives you instant access to processes and tools saving you a ton of time and money!

  • Detailed Processes that help you scale
  • Automation Systems (make more money with less effort)
  • HR Processes (so you find and retain rock stars)
  • Tools and Management Systems (Automation = Freedom)

Bottom Line Is When Smart, Experienced People With
Their Heart In The Right Place Come Together, Magic Happens:

The Ultimate Boardroom is made up of A-Level players who care.

The collective intelligence of the group is
far greater than any one individual.

Our members are from different industries and have unique experiences. This creates a powerful synergy of ideas and fascinating, unpredictable discussions.

We bring together remarkable people for a compounding effect
where 1 + 1 really does equal 11. These amazing business owners share the knowledge and experience that comes from their many wins and their losses of their lifetime. When smart people come together they multiply each other’s talents.

As a member of the UB you will get access to the most incredible people, elegant ideas, best practices, tools and connections – things that really just make your business the best that your business can be.

In addition, the association with other people who put giving first, who don’t compete with each other, and who are committed to helping each other live a life of meaning, contribution, all while increasing their profitability, is just a life changing experience. It is a place where business owners can ask for help from their peers, and take 2 days each quarter away from the stresses of day to day business to get clarity, overcome hurdles and map out their plan to financial and personal freedom.

How much money you make and what impact you make on the world in the next few years will most likely be the average of all the people you are associating with right now.

Who are you associating with? How successful are they? Is it time to raise the power, knowledge and mindset of your peer group?

To Be Part of The Ultimate Boardroom You Must…

Have revenues of at least $1 Million USD a year

Have a team around you (no one man/woman shows allowed but it’s ok if your team is a virtual team)

We do sometimes make exceptions for business which are growing fast but are not quite at the $1M mark yet so still apply)

If any of these criteria apply to you then request your invitation to join the Ultimate Boardroom HERE…

We Believe In Purposeful Prosperity

While profits are front stage and hugely important for all businesses, including the UB members, we operate from the conviction, that there is more to business than just profits. Running a business is a place of tremendous power to influence lives outside of yourself. At the UB we see that in action.

When 7, 8 and even 9 figure entrepreneurs open their hearts and share, the impact goes way beyond their own companies and what they take home from the meetings. Even the smallest idea or thought shared during one of our meetings might spark an idea with one of our fellow UB members and can lead to bringing a massive impact into not just THAT entrepreneur’s life but all his employees, their families, their customers and far beyond…

Not only that. As an organization, the UB regularly supports great causes in the world both domestic, as well as international, in causes such as “Dress for Success” helping women to achieve economic independence, or helping a bilingual vocational school for the poor in Honduras to build buildings, provide scholarships and help children to a jump start in life, who otherwise would have no such chance.

You get to be part of a group that actively participates in not only growing their business, profits and freedom but also actively contributing to the world.