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The Ultimate Boardroom is a live Peer Advisory group where an elite, selected group of highly successful entrepreneurs and business owners meet to focus on freedom, growth and impact for their businesses and their lives.

Everything you need to grow your business AND experience more freedom in your life. 

We get together for 2 day private confidential meetings, 4 times a year.
The Ultimate Boardroom has one goal: To help you take your already successful business and grow it in a way that finally gives you the life you always wanted.

At our core, we want to help leaders create and grow beautiful enterprises that build “whole people.” We want business owners to be able to, through their businesses, lead lives of impact and meaning beyond just a profit margin!

And this works best together with others.

The Collective Intelligence: 

A community of fellow business leaders that encourages its members and makes the collective 
intelligence of the group far greater than any one individual.

In other words it’s like having … a Board of Directors.

And that is what the Ultimate Boardroom is.

It is your own personal, private, by invitation only, carefully selected group of members; all highly successful CEOs and Entrepreneurs acting as your personal Board of Directors, sharing strategies with each other, offering advice on what is working and not working, and together helping to solve monumental challenges in your business, forge strategic partnerships and joint ventures, and come together to mastermind on having lives of impact in this exciting new economy.

Business Fundamentals and
Freedom Coaching: 

It is also much more.

It’s also a guided business coaching program where we lead you through our proven growth and freedom curriculum on how to properly implement the strategic and structural best practices which will propel your business into sustainable hyper-growth.

So not only will you get the insight from a high caliber Board of Directors, but you’ll also get the leadership development and business training that will allow you to put in place a solid 4-pillar foundation of your growth.

Move Forward:

The purpose of the Ultimate Boardroom group is to enable you to finally have a business that increases your income while positioning you to personally work fewer hours in the business and have more freedom.

Even more, we have the audacious goal for you to see your business as a place of meaning, of inner growth and of freedom for you and your team members.

In these uncertain times, the business world is changing at a rapid pace. The right strategic decisions you make now have a positive effect on you for many years to come.

True wealth really comes through the transformation of ideas into implementation. Take action and inquire today to see if we are ‘the right fit’ for each other moving forwards!