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Get The Proven 5 Minute Freedom Plan 

The essential quick discovery plan for CEOs and Entrepreneurs on how to create more freedom in their lives . Implement it now and free up to 23% more time in your day.

Stop “just putting out fires” all day long… Discover where you are spending your time and how changing that can empower your team and give you more freedom…

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Ever wondered if you are spending your time wisely in your business?
Ever wondered what departments and activities you really spend your day on, vs. what you know you should be doing?
If you are you coming home exhausted and don’t know what you accomplished during the day, then chances are you are in the “7-figure trap” you're being pulled in so many different directions that you are stressed, exhausted, and left feeling that you haven't
Do the “5 Minute Freedom Plan” now, discover where you really spend your time, and how to adjust so that you have more freedom and your company gets more done. 

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About the Authors
We are Jack and Michelle Bosch, founders of multiple 7- and 8-figure Enterprises and co-founders of the Ultimate Boardroom.
Starting with Zero as immigrants (from Germany and Honduras respectively), since the year 2003 we have taken a land investment company from Zero to 8-figures in a matter of 24 months, managing at times teams of over 100 people; grown an online education company from ZERO to over $3 Million in less than 9 months using an 80% virtual team and selling 10s of millions of dollars online, and in parallel building up an income property portfolio all over the country that will provide passive income stability for generations.

And while doing all of this and more, every year we take 12 weeks off and go spend time with our families oversees or take trips around the world with our daughter Sophia. All while our businesses continue to grow and thrive and don’t constantly need us.
In the Ultimate Boardroom we now enable you to have the same. Through our regular boardroom meetings we work with you to analyze your business, identify areas of growth, and give you the tools you need implement rapid and lasting changes that allow you to capture that growth while at the same time experiencing more freedom in your business and life.

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