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Jack and Michelle Bosch - Ultimate Boardroom

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About the Founders

As entrepreneurs, Jack and Michelle are well-respected leaders in the area of investments, entrepreneurship, finance, and business growth and have taken businesses they’ve built from scratch to 7 & 8 figures in revenue at rapid speed.

Now, through the Ultimate Boardroom they provide a place where highly Successful CEOs and Entrepreneurs meet to take their business to the next level, double their profits, build impact networks, all while expanding their freedom.

Since 2002, Jack and Michelle have built multiple multi-million dollar companies, created 145,000 followers via the UltimateBoardroom.com, ForeverCash.com, their social media channels, and their Forever Cash Podcast/Radio Show.

During the last 14 years Jack and Michelle have:

  • Created one of the largest and most profitable Land auction companies in the US flipping over 3500 properties and scaling it to 8 figures in 18 months.
  • Created the first Million Dollar Cash Product launch in the Real Estate Information industry.
  • Wrote the #1 Amazon bestselling book “Forever Cash”
  • Educated over 16,000 people in the technique of building real estate wealth from home
  • Built a large portfolio of Rental properties providing cash flow for life.
  • Financed the building of 2 school buildings in Honduras, C.A. to support the poor
  • Introduced 36 members into the Forever Cash Hall of Fame
  • All while navigating and maintaining a thriving marriage, close relationships with their loved ones overseas, and becoming parents to their daughter.

In addition

  • Michelle holds a MBA from the #1 school in the world for International Management, “Thunderbird”
  • Jack holds a German MBA from “the Harvard of Germany – Univ. of Mannheim” and an American MBA

For years Jack and Michelle have been big fans of masterminds, but everything on the market was just too one-dimensionally focused just on one industry, leading to group thinking or were one-technique oriented like “Real Estate” or “Internet Marketing Masterminds.”

Having a Mastermind really focuses on putting a group of likeminded people together who are committed to building businesses that serve their owners, and that are designed to give them exactly what they want.

So after years of thinking about it, Jack and Michelle have now launched the Ultimate Boardroom, as a Peers only, Give first, share it all true Mastermind of REAL business owners where it’s not about who can pound their chests harder but about how well your business services you, and how it allows you to do what truly is most important to you in your life.

The best is attending the FIRST 2-day Boardroom Session completely free and backed by a 100% no risk guarantee.


As the leaders of the Ultimate Boardroom Jack and Michelle are walking the walk.

They have designed the life they have always wanted.

  • They work together.
  • They take extensive time off to travel with family and friends (up to 12 weeks a year).
  • They are involved in their community.
  • They have brought meaning and impact to thousands of people’s lives.

Now in the Ultimate Boardroom they have created a space for others to also build the life and business they truly want so that they can enjoy the fruits of their labor to the fullest.

You can run a business in a way that you still own your life, and you can use your business to make an impact in many areas of life for yourself and all around you.

If that is what you believe in, even if you have not yet realized how to make that happen in your life, then apply to join us in the Ultimate Boardroom.

We would love to meet you and see if you are a good fit.



Want to grow your business
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Michelle and Jack BoschSchedule a strategic one-on-one discovery call with us where we can discuss…

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  2. What your goals are for 2016.
  3. How we can help bring that vision of growth to life while enjoying more freedom to live one Big Full Life.

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