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We are here to tell you that YOU CAN have your cake and eat it too:

Running a 7-figure+ business doesn’t have to be a “7-figure Trap” that leaves you exhausted, close to a nervous breakdown and constantly overloaded (we know you)

Instead with the right strategies, solutions and peer advisory you CAN:

  • Grow your business fast (and even exponentially)
  • At the same time reduce your work load and stress
  • AND experience more freedom on a day to day basis
  • Bring meaning back to your life…

But you must have the processes in place to get there.

You MUST have a clear vision for your business and your future… and you MUST articulate this vision to your team with effective leadership.

And you MUST act as a CEO with systems in place that let your business run with out you being involved day-to-day.

The Ultimate Boardroom isn’t about more tactics to make more money, nor about working harder in what you’re doing now.

The Ultimate Boardroom is about is YOU taking back control and LEADING in your business.

… It’s about you breaking from the PACK and running an organization set for rapid growth.

… It’s about you becoming one of the very few business owners who leave a legacy.

The Ultimate Boardroom is about giving you mastery in all areas of your business and your life!

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Once a part of the Boardroom, you will…

  • Define (or redefine with great clarity) your vision for your business and (more importantly) your life… so that you can experience the growth and freedom you’ve always wanted!
  • Develop proven systems and processes that don’t require YOU to be center of your day to day business.
  • Gain confidence that your business is growing when you aren’t involved.
  • Develop the tools you need to build a team that manages and runs itself… so you have the right people, doing the right job, getting the right results.
  • You’ll regain your passion and enthusiasm because your future will look 100x brighter than you thought possible.
  • Gain more focus on the activities that energize you and matter most to your business… and life.
  • Learn how to spend your time doing the things you are naturally good at… not the grind of everything you’re doing now.
  • Have more leisure time to build a better YOU, a better family, and lead a healthier & happier lifestyle.
  • Learn how to start investing in assets and activities that give you more confidence in your personal “financial fortress,” by creating a Forever Cash system that fuels your passions in business and life.

The Ultimate Boardroom

And most important of all…

Gain a Board of Advisors and Peers who immediately understand the joys, struggles and challenges of building a lasting enterprise and are all dedicated to holding your accountable  to your vision and abilities… so you know that no matter what the challenge you face that you are not alone.

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You’ll be joined by a small group of highly driven, ultra successful entrepreneurs – each in their own right a leader and authority in their field.

(We carefully curate our members.)

Again, our focus is NOT tactics or short-term gains…

Our goal is for you to remove yourself from the day-to-day grind, pressure and noise of running your business… and help you maximize your natural skills as a leader.

If you are a successful entrepreneur who has reached a point in business where you feel you’re ready to take the next step…

…To evolve from entrepreneur to CEO, or to even help someone in your team grow into this role….

… And need to simplify your business to multiply your rewards…


Join Us At The Next Ultimate Boardroom

If your heart is racing because you know this group is for you…

If you know this is EXACTLY what you’ve been looking for…

And you know you NEED this kind of high-level group…

Then we want you to join us at our next meeting.

But like we said earlier, you can’t just join.

You have to apply.

Why? Because we want this to be the right fit for EVERYONE.

We carefully screen all applicants, and curate our membership to ensure that this is HIGH quality group.

We only want high caliber leaders that will contribute to the group…

And even if you fit the following criteria, we may still decide this isn’t a great fit for you.

But don’t let that stop you. Schedule a call , and let’s find out.


Want to grow your business
while doubling your free time?

Michelle and Jack BoschSchedule a strategic one-on-one discovery call with us where we can discuss…

  1. Where you’re at with your business right now.
  2. What your goals are for 2016.
  3. How we can help bring that vision of growth to life while enjoying more freedom to live one Big Full Life.

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