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Strategies, Solutions, and Peer Advisory for Million Dollar+ CEOs and Entrepreneurs

Welcome to the Ultimate Boardroom, where an elite, selected group of million dollar + entrepreneurs and business owners meet to focus on freedom, growth and impact for their businesses and their lives.

The Ultimate Boardroom has one goal: To help you take your already successful business and grow it in a way that finally gives you the life you always wanted.

At our core, we want to help leaders build and grow beautiful enterprises that build “whole people.”

The Ultimate Boardroom

We want for business owners to be able to through their businesses have lives of impact and meaning beyond just a profit margin!

And this works best together with others.

In a community of fellow business leaders to encourage each other.

In other words you need… a Board of Advisors.

And that is what the Ultimate Boardroom is.

It is your own personal, private, by invitation only, carefully selected Board of Advisors, who share strategies, offer advice on what is working and not working, help solve monumental challenges in your business, forge strategic partnerships and joint ventures, and come together to mastermind on having lives of impact in this exciting new economy.

But it is also so much more.

It’s also a guided business coaching program where we lead you through our proven growth and freedom curriculum on how to properly implement the strategic and structural best practices which will propel your business into sustainable hyper-growth.

So not only will you get the insight from a high caliber Board of Advisors, but you’ll also get the leadership development and business training that will allow you to put in place a solid 4-pillar foundation of your growth.

The Ultimate Boardroom will help your entire organization grow. You, your family, your employees, your clients, and even your vendors. Everyone.

The Ultimate Boardroom will help you make exponentially more profits and give you more freedom through the leadership development of you and your team.

As part of the program we guide you through processes like…

“The Leader Booster” is a process where you gain the clarity and confidence needed to give focused direction to your team and consciously design one big full life of both growth and freedom.

“The Team Maximizer”, where you discover your core values and hire, position and groom the best people for your company and put them where they do their best work.

“The Business Simplifier”: We will walk you through a process of creating your Grand Vision and Strategy to identify those areas of your business that allow you to “simplify to multiply.”

“The Momentum Builder”, which includes structured rhythms of success, efficient asset allocation, as well as leveraging technology and partnerships to propel your company to hyper-growth.

And at each Ultimate Boardroom meeting you will walk away with 4 actionable tools which will make a remarkable change in your business in terms of…

  • Efficiency
  • Creating Free time for you
  • Increasing your profitability
  • Allowing you to focus on what matters most

We want to give you the tools to build the business of your dreams, so you can live the life of your dreams.

The Ultimate Boardroom This Truly Is The Ultimate Boardroom

This is not another low-level mastermind filled with Internet Marketers or real estate investors or wannabe entrepreneurs.

This is a high-level, elite group of business owners and CEOs in different industries from whom everyone can learn.

No matter how successful you are, every other person in the room will be better than you in some area of business. And that’s a great thing.

And we can promise that because we have strict rules on who can join.

That’s right. You can’t just write a check and be a part of it.

You have to be the right kind of person. Because we only want the right caliber of leaders in this group.

To be part of the Ultimate Boardroom you must…

  • Have revenues of AT LEAST $1 Million USD a year
  • Have a team around you (no one man/woman shows allowed but it’s ok if your team is a virtual team)
  • We do sometimes make exceptions for business which are growing fast but are not quite at the $1M mark yet so still apply)

If this applies to you then inquire about how to join the Ultimate Boardroom HERE…

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Michelle and Jack BoschThese are the kinds of people we want.


Because these are the go-getters, the A-players. These are the entrepreneurs who have the chops to do truly great things, lead great lives of impact and change the world.

And these are the entrepreneurs who, if given the right guidance and support, can exponentially increase their profits in very little time.

These are the business owners we want to help.

And these are the people we can help.

The Ultimate Boardroom is made up of A-Level players.

Inquire About Membership


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