Where Do 7, 8, and even 9 figure CEOs and Entrepreneurs Come Together To Streamline Their Business and Double Their Freedom?

Imagine Yourself in a Room Filled with TRUE Peers Running 7 to 9 Figure Businesses, Committed To Helping Each Other With Their Business Success, Growth, and Personal Freedom...

Totally free for you to attend
and there’s no catch. PERIOD.

Running a High Level Multi-Million Dollar Business
Can Be Lonely and Challenging…

As the CEO or founder of a 7, 8 or even 9 figure business you are expected to have all answers. You are expected to be bullet proof and always make the right decisions, never lose your footing and navigate your company successfully through an ever changing, competitive market environment.

Yet you know that the reality is different. 

You know that you are sometimes lost and have to pretend you know it all, or have to just make a decision without knowing if it is the right one. Nobody in your team knows about the countless sleepless nights, the tossing and turning, the questions in your head about whether you are steering in the right direction and if it is worth all the effort…  
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We want you to know that we understand. We have been there...

You are trying your best, moving the ship forward one step at a time, and into unknown territory, every day of the week, often working 12-14 hour days. Some days you wonder if you will ever be that leader and executive manager that you wanted to be.

Sometimes you wonder, is there not a place or someone who has been where I am, or can shed light on the unknown, so I can make decisions easier? If only there would be someone or a group of people who had been there, seen what you don’t see and have experience in what you don’t know. 

And that is why we created the Ultimate Boardroom. In essence, we created what big business has always had (and made it better). And that is… 

An Exclusive Board of Advisors and a Community of Elite CEOs and Entrepreneurs

The purpose of a board of advisors is to give and receive the best advice, share ideas, improve and shorten decision processes, discover new paths to growth and business efficiencies, and work together through challenges, towards faster growth and higher profits, but also towards running your business in a way that you have more time and freedom in your life. 

Because after all, didn’t you start your business so you could control your own schedule? 

And it's a community of TRUE ELITE business owners and CEOs who are already highly successful, who are willing to open themselves up to share their challenges, successes and opportunities with their peers.
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The Ultimate Boardroom

The Ultimate Board of Advisors for Elite CEOs and Entrepreneurs
  • The Ultimate Boardroom (UB) is the place where 7, 8 and even 9 Figure CEOs, and Entrepreneurs come together behind closed doors, four times a year in a private, safe and confidential environment to help each other with their business and life challenges. 
  • The UB consists of CEOs and Entrepreneurs who act as each other’s Board of Advisors who share everything, including their growth strategies, market outlooks, their networks, and their systems, with the goal to grow while having more free time and control over your business and life. 
  • The UB is by invitation or application only, and you have to run at least a 1 Million-dollar business to be eligible to apply (most of our members run multi-million dollar businesses).
  • Attendance is 100% risk free: And nothing is pitched or sold at the events- EVER! This is a safe place for our elite members to exchange with each other what works, without fear of being sold.
  • UB members are from different markets and industries meaning we don’t compete with each other – again allowing us to share freely. 
  • UB members believe that the collective intelligence of the group is the true force multiplier to achieve unprecedented business growth, profit growth and time freedom growth. UB members also cooperate with each other between meetings and forge strategic alliances where it makes sense.  
  • The UB is only for those who want to live life on their terms and not be owned by their businesses. 
  • The UB has a “ZERO RISK” policy: You pay only a fully refundable $2,000 seat deposit to be able to attend the full 2-day meeting, allowing you and us both to see if we are a fit for each other. If you don’t see value in a full membership after attending the full meeting and choose not to enroll (or if we chose not to extend an invitation) we will refund the $2,000 instantly.  
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Jack and Michelle Bosch, Founders of the Ultimate Boardroom

Watch and Listen to What Our Members Have to Say

Larry White
CFO - 2.3B Family Office
Founder KWL Consulting
"I did not know what to expect, (but) this is the backbone of how things come to fruition."
Professional History: COO of Elizabeth Arden – Red Door Spa. Built clothing firm from 0 to 8-figures in 24 months and successfully sold it.
Ketan Patel
7-figure Energy Analytics Firm
"The idea of getting together with other CEOs and having discussions in a safe place where we can learn from each other, and teach each other, has more than met my expectations."
Professional History: On his 7th Startup. 2 successful 7 and 8-figure Exits. Built his last company to $32M in less than 5 years.
Jordan Adler
Serial Entrepreneur, Pilot
Ultimate Boardroom means an opportunity to expand relationships and collaborate with other successful entrepreneurs."
Professional History: Best Selling author (over 500,000 copies sold) #1 World Top Distributor of “Sendoutcards”

Why Should You Request An Invitation To
Join the Ultimate Boardroom Mastermind?

“Because Life at the top can be lonely yet everyone expects you to have all the answers. By joining the Ultimate Boardroom© you get a group of true peers - Highly Experienced Leaders running businesses at your or even above your own level - their Resources, Network, and their best Systems and Strategies."

And you also become part of an exclusive community of elite CEOs and entrepreneurs of another kind. People who care for each other, celebrate each other, build lifelong relationships and friendships with each other and work not only on their businesses but also on living lives of more freedom, meaning and impact. 

Why Should You Request An Invitation To
Join the Ultimate Boardroom Mastermind?


The WHY:

"Clarity - Why do you do what you do"?

To get the most out of life and your business, you need to have a CLEAR vision of what you want and how your business should serve you (instead of you serving your business)

  • 10x growth, or 2X profits, or 10x freedom….
  • You decide!
  • At the UB meetings you develop that clarity.


The WHO:

“The Caliber of the People in The Room”

When everyone in the room is willing to pull back the curtains on their business you get an unfair advantage!

  • Problems are being solved
  • Connections are made
  • Lifelong friendships are being created.
  • Joint ventures and strategic alliances can spark massive growth and momentum.



"The Growth Strategies (This is the fun part)"

UB members operate in different markets and industries, sharing what’s working now:

  • Marketing and Lead Gen. Strategies (online and offline)
  • Sales Strategies (make more money)
  • Financial and Legal Strategies (keep more money)
  • Tips and tricks to get a leg up on your competition


The HOW:

"The Tools, Processes, and Systems"

The extended network, and expertise, of our elite group gives you instant access to processes and tools saving you a ton of time and money!

  • Detailed Processes that help you scale
  • Automation Systems (make more money with less effort)
  • HR Processes (so you find and retain rock stars)
  • Tools and Management Systems (Automation = Freedom)

It can be lonely on the top,
but it doesn’t have to be.

Michelle Bosch
Co-Founder, Ultimate Boardroom

"When Smart and Successful People 
With Their Heart In The Right Place Come Together, 
Magic Happens!"
Here is what people are saying about Ultimate Boardroom...
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Our 100% Risk Free Value Guarantee is very simple and fair.

After you submit your initial application/invitation request, one of our team members will review it and schedule a call with one of the co-founders of the Ultimate Boardroom.

The purpose of the call with one of the co-founders is simply to determine if we are a mutual fit. If accepted you will then be invited to attend the entire upcoming 2-day UB meeting completely for FREE (there is a small seat deposit which is fully refundable if you don’t join), so you can evaluate the value the actual UB contributes to you during a live session and we can do the same. We think that’s the fairest way to treat each other.

What I expect to happen is that you too will love the environment, the caliber of the members, the magic of the “collective intelligence” and its ability to solve almost any problem in a matter of minutes.

At the end of your first Ultimate Boardroom Mastermind Meeting, we’ll simply talk for a minute. If you decide it’s not for you, then don’t worry, we won’t pressure you. We believe the Ultimate Boardroom session will speak for itself.

If for any reason we choose not to extend membership to you or should you choose not to accept membership if it is extended to you, the Ultimate Boardroom will reimburse you the initial $2,000 seat deposit. No questions asked.


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