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The following list of criteria should tell you if you’re a candidate:

  • Qualification #1: Your company’s revenues MUST meet $1,000,000 or above. At this level we believe you can scale your business 2X, 3X and even 10X with the proper guidance and tools..
    (again occasional exceptions will be made for high potential candidates with businesses that are not yet there but $1M plus is the rule and some have over $10M businesses)
  • Qualification #2: You MUST be dedicated to your personal and professional growth. While you will be able to grow your business fast with less work, this is NOT for the 4-hour work week crowd. Yes you will ultimately (and fairly quickly) work less and have more free time, but we are only looking for serious business owners who are reaching for massive results and are willing to put in the time and effort to clean up their messes and put in scalable structures and solutions.
  • Qualification #3: You MUST bring value to the table. A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. The Ultimate Boardroom is a community. We support each other. You must be willing to share your knowledge and your progress, as well as any pitfalls or challenges.
  • Qualifications #4: You MUST be willing to share and celebrate success and “bring them back to the nest”. All too often entrepreneurs tend to “grind things out” without taking the time to appreciate the wins. This is a recipe for burn out – and not a characteristic of a great CEO.
  • Qualification #5: You MUST be a team player, and ready to implement. We only want serious people who have the ability to make decisions and take action. Otherwise – what good do you do yourself?
  • Qualification #6: You MUST have and operate at high integrity in life and in business. As a matter of fact we don’t believe in Business Ethics. They don’t exist. You either have integrity or not. This is the most important qualification and we do not waiver on this point. In the Ultimate Boardroom we dive deep into business challenges. Nothing is held back, we openly share our successes and our challenges. You don’t have to believe the exact same things as us. You can have different ideas and perspectives. in fact, we want you to. But you must have integrity.

Inquire About Membership

Even if you meet these criteria, we reserve the right to terminate membership if things don’t work out.

I only say that because I want to be honest up front.

We want this to be an EXCELLENT experience for everyone. And we hope we never have to ask someone to leave, but if we do, we will.

As a member of the Ultimate Boardroom you are making a commitment to yourself, your family, your business & your impact on the world.
A Commitment to become your best you, and run and build a business that allows you to live a WHOLE LIFE and have It all GROWTH, PROFITS and FREEDOM!

We take that very seriously.

If you feel you’re a fit then Jack and I invite you to complete a brief application.

After you do, we will set up a short interview call.

On this call we’ll give you the full details of The Ultimate Boardroom, tell you what to expect, and together we will all decide if we are a match.

If all goes well, we will invite you to our next Ultimate Boardroom meeting.

At the meeting you’ll experience firsthand what our community is like.

Your First Meeting is 100% Risk-Free

At the end of the meeting I’ll ask you a simple question…

“Is the Ultimate Boardroom right for you?…”

It’s that simple.

If it wasn’t, then I’ll will write you check on the spot for $1,500 to cover your travel expenses , and we will part as friends. Bye the way, we never had to cut that check so far and there is a reason for that and it’s because the moment you come into the first meeting you notice that the room is full of giving, knowledgeable powerful A-Players you want to be around.

But there’s nothing to lose…

It’s risk free…

Click below and complete The Ultimate Boardroom application to be considered!

So What Is Being An Ultimate Boardroom Member Like?

We’ve structured the program to give you the knowledge, resources, connections, network, and full board of directors to help you scale.

Within our community you’ll find a solution for almost any challenge you can imagine.

The Ultimate Boardroom is your safe place where you find Strategies, Solutions, and an advisory network build from peers and your hosts.

In addition we encourage members to network, joint venture with each other, open doors for each other, help and assist each other with their unique skill-sets…

  • We meet quarterly.
  • We have monthly group Accountability Calls
  • We have an online members only community to help each other even in-between the meetings

At each meeting we share our own proven tools we’ve developed to build an 8-figure business in as little as 24 months.

As a matter of fact at the end of each quarterly meeting you will walk away with at the very least 4 actionable TOOLS to implement during the next 90 days.

These tools will…

  • Sharpen the focus of you as the leader and your organization
  • Lead (directly and indirectly) to more profits and freedom
  • Allow your company over time to run without you to as much a degree as you want to!

In other words, we will help you develop predictable growth and increase your profits, all while fully balancing life and family.

And by implementing and setting the a SOLID foundation of your business, the fires and emergencies you are constantly putting out right now and which eat up the majority of your time will gradually disappear and will be replaced by a culture and energy of excitement, of self-responsibility of your team and of accountability.

You will transition from entrepreneur to Leader and from Hustler to CEO who can rely on his A-class team to get the job done while you may I even say it “take extended vacations without having to check email all day long!”

For Jack and I, the result of our efforts have allowed us to take up to 12 weeks a year off, often for 3-4 weeks at a time, travel the world, raise our daughter and “be there” during all the important moments…

All while not feeling the guilt of leaving our business…

And without fearing the dangers of our business crashing down around us…

And we want that for you.

This Is Your Chance To Build

            The Business of Your Dreams!

In addition, in each meeting…

  • We challenge our members to dive deep in their own businesses and situations.
  • We’ll hold you to the fire, keep you accountable and make sure you take action in order to achieve results.

The outcome:

  • Clarity of vision.
  • A clear path from where you are to the business and life you want with stronger leadership ability.
  • Focused activities on your highest and best talents.
  • More quality productivity from your team.
  • Perfected systems and processes to scale your business without frustration.
  • More freedom of time.
  • Confidence in cash flow.
  • A crystal ball into future business challenges and solutions.
  • A financial fortress from your business and diversified investments.
  • Stronger relationships with family, friends, and those who matter most.
  • Employees who care, respect you, and are fully on board with your vision.
  • Regained purpose and enthusiasm that you’re making a difference in your work and in the world.
  • And much more!
The Ultimate Boardroom Is Waiting For You.

If you meet the qualifications above (or are close and are a go-getter), please inquire about membership with us.
Go ahead, complete the inquiry form here:

Once you complete the small form you’ll receive a message to set up a short phone appointment where we can answer any questions you might have and give you more information.
No worries, nobody will be asking you for your Credit Card number, it’s informational only.

You still need to be talking to Jack and/or Michelle to identify if you are a fit for our elite, high level and confidential group

As we close, we just want you to consider this…

No major corporation operates without a board of directors. The board are advisors, decision makers, people of influence and stature. The board protects the business as well as guides decisions. The board is responsible for ensuring a company’s prosperity.

Are you operating without a Board of Directors?

Most entrepreneurs do it alone. It’s a scary place to be.

Get your Board of Directors now.


Want to grow your business
while doubling your free time?

Michelle and Jack BoschSchedule a strategic one-on-one discovery call with us where we can discuss…

  1. Where you’re at with your business right now.
  2. What your goals are for 2016.
  3. How we can help bring that vision of growth to life while enjoying more freedom to live one Big Full Life.

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